The Mystery of Haruki Murakami

About This Episode

***This is an episode from our older, long conversation format.*

We hope you enjoy it and please check out our newer, more focused Random Badassery Podcast: Creative Minds

The first episode in our new creativity focused format. Our first subject is one of our favorite novelists: Haruki Murakami. Join us as we dig into his creative style, his influences and much more.

  • First person/third person
  • Magic realism
  • Being a Japanese writer while being thought of as too western
  • Interpreting cultural references
  • Literature in translation
  • Critics accuse Murakami of repeating himself
  • How Murakami preps his novels
  • Alfred Hitchcock & McGuffins
  • Dealing with character names
  • The mindset you are in when reading a book dicates your experience
    • Chad’s brief thoughts on Don Quixote
  • Dealing with character motivation/When characters come alive
  • Saving characters and ideas
  • Leaving things undone
  • Creating authentic characters
  • Writing without preconceived notions
  • The importance of knowing what a character wants

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